April Fools Day might be over but wacky new product development is well and truly here to stay. In our last blog post, we showcased ‘spoof’ products that we wished were true, now we’re presenting wacky products that have actually exist in the world!

Hellman’s Gravy Mayonnaise:

Yes, you heard that correctly, Hellman’s has announced its release of three new mayonnaise flavours, including ‘Gravy Flavour’, with they describe as “the perfect dipping sauce for chicken and chips”, and was “inspired by a well-known chicken takeaway”.

This wacky NPD comes alongside two, new flavours ‘Coronation Mayonnaise’ and ‘Chilli Charger Mayonnaise’ which will initially roll out into Morrisons and Iceland this month, with a wider retail rollout to follow.

THIS Bacon Smelling Perfume:

Now, although this isn’t a permanent SKU that was launched into retail, this was an actual developed product from THIS. It’s ‘EAU DE ISN’T BACON’ perfume launched in a quirky campaign for Valentine’s Day. 

For us personally, we’re not sold on smelling of crispy bacon, but surprisingly, research that found that people in the UK consider bacon one of the “sexiest smells.”

120 bottles of the unique fragrance were created, and sold out in only 20 minutes, with further requests for the perfume hitting numbers upwards of 25,000.

Real English Distillery ‘Pud Line’ of Vodka Liqueurs:

Whilst this one isn’t exactly ‘wacky’ and as out there as the other products shown in this blog, we are loving the innovative flavours from The Real English Distillery for their vodka liqueurs.

Named Pud, the range that launched on April 1st, has 6 new and exciting flavours, inspired by popular pud desserts: Lemon Meringue, Sticky Toffee, Apple Crumble, Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cheesecake.

Consumers are looking for products to catch their eye on shelf, and brands need to have a distinctive USP if shoppers are going to swap out their usual pick, or even splurge on something new. The Real English Distillery are definitely standing out with this range.

Mcdonald’s Mcflurry Shower Gel:

Yep. Mcdonald’s Mcflurry Shower gel. Now although this wasn’t launched into stores, who wishes this was available? I can totally see it.

Mcdonald’s Germany developed and was giving away these themed shower gels for 1 day only back in 2021, customers were able to claim via the Mcdonald’s app and collect from store. The shower gels are now being resold on platforms such as eBay and Amazon!

KFC Firelogs:

Fire logs that actually smells like ‘Fried Chicken’! Those of you over the pond might be familiar with this one, as its a North America exclusive.

This quirky product has become a gift-giving tradition for the past three holiday seasons, in supermarket giant Walmart. It takes on KFC’s infamous reputation of 11 herbs & spices, and replicates this into a warm and cost fire log for you to enjoy o your campfire.

Had you heard of any of these products before reading this post? Let us know! Our team are always looking for quirky, innovative products. Contact us today via email at info@thegoodfoodgroup.co.uk, or give us a call on 01623 255287.