Our usual blog posts are focused around giving you retail tips and advice, or talking about our wins as a business. We’ve decided to switch it up this week and let you find out more about the team behind The Good Food Group.

And what better way to start this ‘Meet the team’ mini series, than with our very own Founder and Managing Director of The Good Food Group Ross Carlin.

Get to know Ross

We asked Ross some quick fire questions, to help you learn more about who he is in and out the office:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
“Ambitious, tenacious and slightly bipolar”.

Who has inspired you in your career?
“Friends & family inspire me, they have helped me to drive beyond what I thought my capabilities were”.

How do you relax?
“I like to listen to a bit of jazz music, with a bottle of wine”.

What was your earliest ambition?
“To be in a job that allowed me to earn over £30,000 a year, then it moved on to working for myself & then creating a million-pound business.”

What’s your signature dish?
“I love to cook, my signature dish is a beef wellington with dauphinoise potatoes.”

Ross’ features in national publications

Live BBC Radio Nottingham Interview

Just recently, Ross was live on air with BBC Radio presenter, Andy Whittaker, talking all things Nottingham. From growing up and life in Nottingham, to setting up on his own and more. If you would like to listen to the full interview, simply click the play button below:

Features in The Grocer

Ross has had multiple published features in The Grocer magazine, both online and in print versions, this has been great exposure for both Ross and the business, as these leading publications recognise our hard work and success.

My Alt CV:

In this long-running, Grocer feature, Ross talks through his previous job roles, how he got to where he is and other professional development questions. As well as, throwing in some personal lifestyle questions such as “What was the first music single you bought?”.

Ross featured in the 29th May 2021 issue, with key topics pulled out being “Simply Red, Heights & Anthony Joshua”.

My Alternative CV lifts the lid on what really makes people in the food & drink industry tick.

Ross’ success as an entrepreneur

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021

Ross was thrilled to be announced as a finalist for DISRUPTOR OF THE YEAR, in the 2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The award had thousands of entries, with Ross being picked out in a handful of finalists. GBEA themselves describe the award as “Disruptors are purpose-driven pioneers of change. This rare breed of entrepreneur is conspicuous for their modest talk and wealth of action; they pick up on the missed stitches in business to bring solutions that make our lives easier, faster and better connected…”.

The Real Entrepreneur Awards 2022

Continuing his success into 2022, Ross was also named as a finalist in the Real Entrepreneur Awards, for FOOD & DRINK ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR’. Ross found himself up against the like of 200 degrees coffee & Jake and Nayns founders. The award described nominees as “Combining extensive culinary knowledge and astute business acumen, the winner will have created a unique product, service, outlet or establishment. Their work will encapsulate all the hard work, creativity and resilience associated with the industry.

What’s next for Ross and The Good Food Group?

Ross often coins the phrase “Life begins at 30”, and so there’s no signs of slowing down for our founder, “growth and adaptability are what drive me, alongside being challenged and overcoming that challenge” Ross revealed.

The Good Food Group has operated, scaled and grown year on year through working capital and continues to expand, with growth projections of over 400% last year. Ross and the team here at The Good Food Group, are dedicated to continuing to succeed in supporting new, innovative brands & the UK’s leading retailers.

As always, if you would like to discuss your brand with a member of the team, then please contact us on info@thegoodfoodgroup.co.uk