Of course, we all know that professional athletes require the correct nutrition and supporting supplements to keep them on top of their game, but what about the actual gamers and the world of e-sports?

Professional gamers and e-sports competitors know that having proper nutrition and caring for their mental wellbeing and driving it’s performance is a MUST to excel at their day-to-day competitions.

Gone are the days of ‘gaming’ being disregarded as a legitimate career, as the e-sports industry continues to grow in popularity and credibility, with the health & wellness market now benefitting from this trending category.

The Good Food Group expect this new consumer segment to only continue rising as different companies and brands expand into this space, with all things digital continuing to grow, including Metaverse talks and beyond

So, what are gaming supplements & how do they work?

Gaming supplements mainly focus around Nootropics that support you on maintaining concentration levels and overall performance whilst gaming, including the improvement of hand-eye coordination, memory recollection and boosting energy levels – a much needed boost when things are getting serious and you need to focus.

These Nootropics seem like a natural fit for gamers, and supplement companies are focusing in on this. Nootropic claims are based around ‘Neurotransmitters; which are released by nerve fibres to communicate with muscles, fibres and other structures; Nootropics help preserve and promote the growth of these Neurotransmitters.

The popularity of such supplements has been supported by marketing strategies focusing around digital streaming platforms, such as Twitch, on which professional gamers often live stream and competitions are held for viewers to watch and enjoy.

General research suggests that the typical demographic for these products are 18 to 34 year olds, with a passion/ real interest in all things digital and gaming – hence the digital marketing stance from most companies involved.

What brands are leading the gaming category?

Game Fuel Informer, do a great job of staying up-to date with all things gaming supplements and provides in-depth reviews of new product development in the category on their blog. You can check them out at gamefuelinformer.com/blog.com

Arguably the most notorious brand in the market is that of G Fuel and their caffeinated drink mixes. Gamma Labs who are the company behind G Fuel, claim that it has an advantage over conventional canned energy drinks, in that it doesn’t trigger a so called ‘sugar crash’ after drinking the product.

So, what has made G Fuel in particular, so popular? Well that’s down to their marketing strategies specifically digital and influencer marketing. You can find their eye-catching ads on relevant YouTube videos, as well as partnering with high-level YouTube and Twitch stars who specialise in the gaming industry.

Through having these credible figures promote their products to their millions of followers, G Fuel has successfully positioned themselves as a market leader, as they continue to bring out innovative flavours – often in collaboration with these internet stars.

Is there a space in retail for gaming supplements?

With gaming supplements now becoming a mainstream idea, there is definitely a space for them in traditional retail from grocers to specialists and high-street stores – after all they are a from of Nootropics which have been around for years on years.

The Good Food Group were thrilled to launch gaming brand, Beyond NRG into retail recently. Beyond NRG originally came onboard as a featured brand in The Buyer’s Discovery Club and were sent out in our infamous discovery boxes to the UK’s leading retailers. Fast forward to today, our agency supported them in their launch into Superdrug stores across the country.

Beyond NRG’s mission through their product range is to “enhance your ability to focus and create”, as they continue to deliver new, innovative flavours to their customer base, you can find them on beyondnrg.com

The Good Food Group being an official supply partner to Superdrug, meant we were able to list Beyond’s range of products seamlessly into store this January as part of a 7 new brand launch all through our supplier base.