There are lots of divided opinions about trade shows, they can be really expensive when you start adding up the costs of your stand, staff, samples, marketing material and more. It can make you take a step back and think: Are they really worth it?

Firstly, what is a trade show?

  • A trade show is an event held to bring together members of a particular industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest products and service.
  • Exhibiting brands will often have a stand where they can create bespoke graphics, and create other visuals to draw potential customers in. These include: Offering Free Samples, Handing Out Leaflets, Signing People Up To Email Lists and more.

Advantages of trade shows:

  • They undoubtedly raise awareness for your business – exhibiting at industry events is a good way to generate brand awareness. Whether you just have a stand at an event, or are participating in other sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
  • Allows for face-to-face meetings – exhibiting and visiting events such as trade shows, gives you the perfect opportunity to meet other industry experts, as well as your potential customers.
  • Chance to build out your database – Many trade shows and events now have digital ways to gather customer information, by just simply scanning a barcode! This is a great way to build out your database for later campaigns.

Drawbacks of trade shows:

  • Expensive costs that can easily build up – It’s important to consider the costs when looking at exhibiting at trade shows. These costs can include: Stand Cost, Extra Furniture, Staff Costs, Accommodation, Marketing Material, Graphics.
  • Sheer volume of stands at events – Many trade shows are huge events, meaning it is very easy for your stand to get lost in the noise; if you’re not standing out then trade shows can turn into an extremely expensive day-out.
  • Time-consuming effort before & after the event – Trade shows are a big commitment, and not just financially. It requires a huge effort from all departments of your team from your marketing team to build a full scale campaign, to team managers devising strategies for the day(s).

Here are our top tips for if you’re attending trade shows:

👉Set clear strategies and goals for your team who are on stand/ walking the show.

 👉Make your stand eye-catching and force visitors to stop and notice your brand.

 👉Promote your brand both at the show and online, let people know where to find you prior & make sure you’re following up every lead.

So, what do you think? Let us know if you think trade shows are worth it in the comments below.