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Our aim is to help businesses move to the next level. The Good Food Group has worked with both brands and retailers across the globe to help with sales and business strategy. By creating a plan that covers all possible opportunities, including brand awareness, direct to consumer sales, retail sales, third party (Amazon) sales and customer retention.

Having expanded the team and services within the business, The Good Food Group has been able to work with funded start ups, SME’s and global leaders within their field. Working with a varied range of clients and retailers allows us to be flexible around our level of service, and cost of service based upon your business needs.

Not only do we look at things from a brands perspective, were also set up as a supplier with the UK’s biggest retailers, where we provide our services to help grow their categories and launch new products.

Head of Departments

Ross carlin

Founder & MD

“I founded the Good Food Group to champion innovative and disruptive brands within the health sector. As managing director, I speak with retailers daily to support their strategy and categories, bring brands into the agency and work with them on their strategy and account management, liaise with team members to elevate their personal and business development, as well as a thousand other tasks as a business owner!”

Hayley Brodsky

Retail Sales

“I’m positioned within the retail sales department, which entails working on behalf on buyers to ensure they are supported within their categories. Including carrying out a category overview, selecting brands to feature in their next range reviews, and onboarding brands through the GFG. I also work closely with our brand partners to present them with new opportunities and manage them once they have launched into retail to ensure we execute a successful launch and beyond.”

Jon Langton

Product Development

“I head up the Product Development arm of The Good Food Group, supporting brands and retailers through the product development process to help them bring exciting, innovative and relevant products to the market. This involves a structured process including brief building, sourcing, product sampling and general management of the entire project. To delivery and beyond!”

 Get in touch with me 


 Get in touch with me 


 Get in touch with me 


The Good Food Group was born, helping businesses move to the next level. Working with brands and retailers around the globe on sales and business strategies.

Buyer’s Discovery Club Live Events were then launched! Giving brands 1-2-1 meetings with major UK retail buyers and a chance to showcase their products. As well as, allowing buyers to find the perfect products for their categories.

Our founder and Managing Director had an idea, after spending time working for global health and wellness brands, he wanted an agency that championed only exciting and innovative brands.

The Buyer’s Discovery Club launched at the start of the pandemic. A subscription box service that sends hand-picked, exciting brands directly to the doors of buyers, based on their specific preferences.

Moving forwards: Expansion into technology through the Buyer’s Discovery Club match-making platform, own brand development and launches and expanding our product development services to retailers for own branded products.

We are an award-winning team

We are an award-winning team and business that champions the most innovative brands, on their quest into retail. We’re really proud that our business and services are being recognized by the UK’s leading authorities, and pleased with the continuous success of our busines financially as we continue to grow, but being recognized through such awards is also a reassurance that we’re doing something right.

Just some of the retailers we work with







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