April Fools Day is here again and so are some great, and some… not so great marketing campaigns. It’s a day where marketing teams get to let loose and deviate away from the truth and factual information.

Over the years there have definitely been some campaigns that have fooled us and left us in major disappointment that they aren’t real! We’ve compiled our favourites from the past few years:


Amazon’s ‘Petlexa’

5 years on and we still can’t get over how cool this Amazon ‘Petlexa’ would be. We can’t deny all of us will have thought at least once in our lives “I wonder if animals can communicate with each other”, with ‘Petlexa’ they can do even more, by directing the technology to there every need!

Plus, bonus points for a great commercial video from Amazon, 10/10.

GiffGaff’s ‘Cracked Screen Balm’

Now this is definitely a product we wish were true! I mean have you heard the prices for a screen repair on the new iPhones? Upwards of £150! GiffGaff know how it feels in that moment when your phone just slips out your grasp, plummeting to the floor – you try to catch it with your foot, but to no prevail… CRACK.

We’ve all been there right, or is that just me?


PayPal’s Printable Money

Back in 2018, finance giant, PayPal, got people very excited by claiming that smartphone users would be able to print money directly from their phone. Although this was an obvious April Fool’s day stunt, we couldn’t help but think of the convenience! Taking ‘Apple Pay’ to a whole new level…

Roku’s ‘Streaming Socks’

Lost the TV remote? Or is it just a little too far out of reach? No Problem. In 2018 Roku announced their new ‘Streaming Socks’ which have highly-sensitive built in motion sensors, allowing you to:

Swipe your foot to browse your home screen, Tap your toe to select, Click your heels to play & even include ‘toe-toasting technology’ to keep you warm and cosy. I don’t know about you, but I’m gutted this is just an April Fool’s Day prank😭.


BMW’s Moon Power Campaign

In 2019, global car manufacturer, BMW, announced its all new “Lunar Paint”, a new, and innovative car paint that charges electric vehicles using moonlight. BMW said it was using “Photovoltaic Technology” to recharge your battery through the night. Now this is really cool.

I mean we have solar powered electrics right? Maybe Moonlight isn’t too far out the question🤣

Mcdonald’s Milkshake Pots

On this day 3 years ago we all thought our dreams had finally come true😍 – I mean maybe not all of us, but don’t knock it before you’ve tried it…

In 2019, Mcdonalds pranked their followers by teasing their new ‘Milkshake Sauce Pots’ perfect for fries dipping when you’ve got a craving. I for one am gutted this one isn’t a reality.


2020 saw the peak of the Coronavirus, with many brands choosing not to partake in the April Fool’s Day campaigns this year, here’s what some brands had to say:


Head of marketing, Lorraine Twohill explained: “Our highest goal right now is to be helpful to people, so let’s save the jokes for next April, which will undoubtedly be a whole lot brighter than this one.”

This Morning

Like Google, This Morning hosts Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby decided to refrain from any jokes or pranks in 2020, with Holly saying: “As well as it being Phil’s birthday today, it’s also April Fools’ Day.

“Obviously with everything going on in the world, we’re not going to be playing any practical jokes today.”


Lego’s Smart Bricks

Yes. Yes. A million times Yes. Never experience pain again, with Lego’s new ‘Smart Bricks’. Now, when your foot approaches pieces of lego carelessly thrown out on the floor – the bricks will scatter in all directions, leaving you absolutely pain free.

This April Fool’s day campaign from Lego in 2021, is absolutely one we wished were true! Let’s be honest, who hasn’t stepped on lego in their life?

Argos’ ‘Treadmow’

Exercise + Mowing = Great Multitasking.

Last year, Argos unveiled the exclusive ‘Treadmow’ which “combines two of the biggest lockdown trends, gardening and fitness, to get the nation ready for the summer months.”

What do you think?

That wraps it up for our 8 favourite April Fool’s Day campaigns that we dream of being true, now let’s see what 2022 holds, as we’re sure brands have a thing or two up their sleeve!

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