It is so rewarding getting a retail listing and seeing your products sitting there on shelf can be a dream come true. But that isn’t where the planning stops, you need to strategise how to get your products from sitting collecting dust on a shelf, to landing into shoppers baskets. After all, if your product doesn’t perform well and drive revenue for the retailer, then it can very quickly be swapped out for a competitor.

But not to worry! The Good Food Group are here to share our 5 top ways to stop this from happening and drive success for your brand.


This is obviously something that needs to be thought of before you actually launch into major retail, especially if you are coming from solely selling online – catching a customer’s eye in a busy supermarket or high-street store can be a totally different ball game.

When considering how your product stands out on shelf its important you choose packaging design that comes across professional and ensure it gives the right impression of the product. Always consider a packaging design that informs the consumer whatever is inside, providing the right balance of quality and value will allow you to achieve the maximum potential of consumer conversion. 

Think about how you make purchase decisions, we all live busy lives and a purchase decision can be made in an instant. The last thing we expect consumers to do is spend too much time reading the fine print, over analysing the products, now whilst some may do this, the vast majority of consumers will make an instant decision which means you (the brand) need to help them make that quick decision. 

We actually created a whole other blog post over on The Buyer’s Discovery Club that goes into more detail on how to perfect packaging, you can check it out at read more

#2 POS & On-Shelf Packaging

Packaging doesn’t stop at just your physical products, you may have the opportunity to design and place other POS material in the retail store, so making sure your brand message and ethos translates to any blip trays, free standing display units, floor stickers and more to make the consumer experience of your brand the best possible.

Understanding the importance of marketing, particularly in-store fixtures and ensuring that your products stand out on shelf, is key to making that transition from shelf to purchase.

#3 Price Point

Again, this is something that needs to be thought of and decided before you actually launch into major retail, carefully picking your price point based on the retailers you want to launch into, your target consumer and quality of your product.

Categories in today’s world are heavily saturated especially in the FMCG industry, so making a consumer swap from another brand (potentially one of your competitors), to your brand and product range isn’t a straight-forward task & price can often be the deciding factor.

We aren’t saying you have to be the cheapest on the market, not at all. But makes sure that the price accurately reflects the quality of the product, branding wise and ingredients wise for example. Make your USPs clear on pack, highlight key call outs in a creative way.

That way, a consumer has a sense of trust and credibility with your products if the RRP and product match.

#4 Above The Line Marketing

This is absolutely something that retailers will want to know, before launching your product- what is your strategy and ATL marketing plans for your product range and brands? How are you going to drive customers to their stores to purchase your product and make sure it doesn’t just sit on shelf?

Social Media plays a huge part in marketing nowadays, so having a strong presence digitally is vital. Make sure you are posting regular, useful and engaging content across different social media platforms- based on your demographic. As well as, making sure your website is 1. Efficient and easy to navigate and 2. full of content that tells your brand story.

Advertising is another strategy that will need to be agreed, whether you are planning giant billboard campaigns, or paid social advertising, or even paid articles in trending magazine and newspapers.

And it’s your job to carry out these strategies and activities once you are listed to fulfil on these commitments and ensure the success of the product, for both your sake and the retailers.

#5 Promotional Planning

If you are looking to get into major retail, especially the big supermarkets then you need to be prepared to offer discounts and promotions on your products. Having a clear promotional plan is key when trying to establish your brand and get it off shelf as a new listing.

Promotions are a great way to encourage an interested customer, to make that first-purchase – they are more inclined and willing to make that extra spend on their shopping list if they believe the are getting a deal on the product.

Think you have a great product? Then you’ll be confident that once they have made that first purchase, they will become a repeat customer and add to your success on shelf.

And there it is, our top 5 tips on how to move your products from retail shelves into consumers shopping baskets and trollies. If you enjoyed this blog and found it useful, then please feel free to share it with other brand owners who may be looking to #GetIntoRetail too.

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