ELEAT Cereal Joins The Good Food Group: Elevating Breakfast Nutrition


The Good Food Group proudly announces the latest addition to its esteemed house of brands – ELEAT Cereal. 

In a landscape where sports nutrition is evolving rapidly, the focus on high-protein alternatives for various food occasions has become paramount. Recognising the often-overlooked breakfast occasion, The Good Food Group is excited to bring ELEAT Cereal into its portfolio, redefining breakfast with innovation and nutritional excellence. 

Over recent years, breakfast as an occasion has faced a lack of variety and innovation. However, the emergence of high-protein cereals has become a compelling force, revitalising the morning menu. In the pursuit of the right brand to fill this space, The Good Food Group sought a partner with a product that not only meets nutritional standards but also stands the test of time.

ELEAT Cereal emerged as the perfect fit. With a commitment to low sugar, high protein, high fibre and the exclusion of undesirable additives, ELEAT aligns seamlessly with The Good Food Group’s dedication to quality. Moreover, ELEAT boasts gut-friendly ingredients, ensuring a holistic approach to nutrition. Beyond the nutritional profile, what sets ELEAT apart is its commitment to delivering a great taste, a crucial factor in elevating the breakfast experience.

 “We are beyond thrilled to welcome ELEAT Cereal into The Good Food Group’s house of brands,” said Ross Carlin, Managing Director and Founder at The Good Food Group. “ELEAT’s commitment to quality, nutritional integrity, and, of course, fantastic taste aligns perfectly with our mission to provide consumers with top-tier options for their breakfast rituals.”

The partnership with ELEAT Cereal is not just about adding a product to the portfolio; it’s a strategic move to bring forth an exciting retail plan. The Good Food Group aims to leverage its expertise and network to strategically position ELEAT Cereal, ensuring widespread availability through innovative door-to-door distribution plans.

As breakfast enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of starting the day right, and ELEAT Cereal is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping breakfast choices for consumers. The Good Food Group looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with ELEAT Cereal and is excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on the breakfast nutrition landscape.