After meticulous deliberation, The Good Food Group is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mountain Joes, a dynamic multi-brand supplier into over 15 major retailers in the UK. This collaboration is poised to amplify Mountain Joes’ presence and potential within the retail landscape.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mountain Joes has chosen to join forces with The Good Food Group to spearhead its UK retail endeavors. This partnership presents a unique opportunity to strategically build and execute robust plans for grocery and high street retail, ensuring every aspect is meticulously aligned for success.

As a proud member of The Good Food Group, Mountain Joes will leverage their partner’s established supplier setup, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency. This approach not only benefits Mountain Joes but also demonstrates a commitment to seamless collaboration that extends to the retailers we see the brand aligning with.

 “We are truly excited about the potential of our UK expansion, and our collaboration with The Good Food Group underscores our dedication to making this endeavor a resounding success,” remarked Ben Copeland, of Mountain Joes. “Our joint efforts will yield a comprehensive commercial and promotion plan, showcasing our eagerness to transform discussions into tangible accomplishments.”

The coming months promise engaging discussions as Mountain Joes and The Good Food Group prepare for NPD launches in their partnership together. This partnership marks an exciting phase for both entities, driven by shared values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.