The Good Food Group Welcomes Spacegoods: Elevating Functional Mushroom Power


The Good Food Group, a dynamic multi-brand supplier into over 15 major retailers in the UK, is thrilled to announce a pivotal partnership with Spacegoods, a rapidly rising health and wellness brand. This collaboration marks an exciting leap into the vibrant functional mushroom market, a domain that’s set to redefine health trends for years to come.


In an era where health and wellness are paramount, the functional mushroom market is experiencing a transformative surge. As enthusiasts for healthier living, we recognize the remarkable growth potential within this realm, surpassing even the trends of the past 5+ years. The functional mushroom sector is poised to become a cornerstone of global well-being, and we’re ecstatic to play a part in this evolution through our association with Spacegoods.


“Anybody entrenched in the health and wellness industry understands the seismic shifts occurring in the functional mushroom domain,” said Ross Carlin, Founder of The Good Food Group. “Mushrooms are the new health sensation, catching the attention of mainstream media on a global scale. We’re proud to partner with Spacegoods, a brand that embodies the essence of mushrooms and is leading the charge to bring their benefits to the masses.”


Spacegoods, one of the fastest-growing health and wellness brands in the UK, brings its own unique character to the table. Unapologetically bold, the brand’s mission is to make mushrooms a daily health staple for all. Their groundbreaking product, designed as a coffee substitute, harnesses the potent power of mushrooms and herbal extracts. It’s a phenomenon that’s taken social media by storm, captivating audiences far and wide.


“In Spacegoods, we have a brand that stands out, both in its product excellence and its unapologetic approach to mushroom wellness,” stated Olly Johnson, Managing Director of Spacegoods. “Our synergy is undeniable. We share the vision of making mushrooms a household staple, an everyday must-have for global well-being, and empowering people to unlock their full potential through the power of better health.”


Behind the scenes, our teams have been working diligently in harmony with Spacegoods’ momentum. As a testament to our collaborative spirit, we’re thrilled to announce the brand’s first major retail listing, scheduled for September. Discussions surrounding Spacegoods’ presence in UK and international retail are buzzing with excitement, and we’re eager to witness the impact we can create together.


With Spacegoods on board, The Good Food Group is embracing the future of the mushroom revolution with open arms. Together, we’re primed to revolutionize how the world perceives mushrooms and their incredible benefits. As health-conscious living becomes not just a trend but a way of life, our collaboration with Spacegoods positions us at the forefront of this transformative movement.


About The Good Food Group: The Good Food Group is a dynamic multi-brand supplier into over 15 major retailers in the UK, dedicated to enhancing healthier and better options in UK Retail. With a diverse portfolio of brands that cater to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers, The Good Food Group is committed to creating a positive impact on individual well-being and lifestyle.